Areas Where Smart Packaging Shines 

For the last couple of years, the future of smart packaging has been a hot topic. With a lot of professionals curious about barcodes and QR codes, a lot of people are starting to wonder that, while it is successful, does this engage the customers, offer feasibility, and also doesn’t break the bank? Will thereContinue reading “Areas Where Smart Packaging Shines “

How can you Reuse Cardboard Boxes in a Creative and Innovative Way?

The use of cardboard is not limited to packaging only. You can use it in various and creative ways. You can see the incredible usage of cardboards around yourself. You might have seen decorations, stands, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, and many other innovative products made of cardboard material. Thus, you cannot use it in onlyContinue reading “How can you Reuse Cardboard Boxes in a Creative and Innovative Way?”

Should you Automate in-House Packaging 

When it comes to packaging lines, you may wonder if there is a chance you might want to automate.  Due to the pandemic, labor shortages, container ship issues, and resignation, in-house lines aren’t easy, and the supply chain has started to take some major hits.  For a lot of people, the pandemic changed the wayContinue reading “Should you Automate in-House Packaging “

Use the best filling for your shipping department

Now that 2021 is here, we are seeing more growth in eCommerce than ever.  It is now the major way that people buy goods and will soon be the biggest industry.  There are so many reasons why eCommerce is booming and a big part of that is the regulations being put in place by theContinue reading “Use the best filling for your shipping department”

What would be the Colors for Packaging Designs in 2021?

When it comes to the colors theory, it includes art, designs, and color scheme. Also, packaging designs are incomplete without a vibrant or attractive colorful pattern. When you talk about the color theory, you involve everything. It does not mean, you only need some beautiful and technical colors, you also need different designs, sketches, andContinue reading “What would be the Colors for Packaging Designs in 2021?”

Shrink Packaging – How Can You Get Better Shrink Wrapping?

Many businesses get frustrated because of the packaging. They used to complain about the shrink wrapping for their products. They usually that the products do not come out of the packaging machinery the way they want. Everyone wants the result they have thought of or they need. Thus, when the consequences are different, it becomesContinue reading “Shrink Packaging – How Can You Get Better Shrink Wrapping?”

How to protect packages from Theft 

The pandemic did bring a lot of businesses to a stop, and ecommerce is something that’s grown, and a lot of packaging thefts have happened too. This is something that affects stores and customers, since it means refunds, returns, and revenue lost.  You may wonder if there is a way to stop it, such as maybeContinue reading “How to protect packages from Theft “

Good advice for change housing locations

There are a few things that I have learned over the years that I feel everyone should know.  It is all about changing your housing locations.  From a small child to college, to my adult years I have moved probably 20 times.  I know that sounds like a lot and it is.  With all ofContinue reading “Good advice for change housing locations”

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