Areas Where Smart Packaging Shines 

For the last couple of years, the future of smart packaging has been a hot topic. With a lot of professionals curious about barcodes and QR codes, a lot of people are starting to wonder that, while it is successful, does this engage the customers, offer feasibility, and also doesn’t break the bank? Will there be a chance for brands to fully unlock this. With new near-field communication technology on the packaging itself, especially with the iOS app for this type of packaging, this is definitely becoming a new world where customers can interact with this, offering new and innovative packaging. By reinventing this kind of packaging to offer more customer engagement, it can be elevated from just a functional sort of tool to a more valued kind of service. 

It also offers more options for internet of things, which is where the smart items offer new ways to collect and exchange ethe data that’s there. The idea of high-tech packaging taking a big place in the industry as they attempt to establish this offers new ways for you to have packaging. Imagine being alerted when you’re about to have food that expires, so you should eat it? It also is a way to tell you that you’re almost out of milk, pasta, or whatever it is. By offering connectivity, smart packaging has the chance to offer long-term applications. So how can we use t? Let’s dive into it! 

The Content 

There are NFC chips that are put in the packaging, allowing for customers to learn about recipes, some cooking instructions, and other important information, offering an experience that’s richer, with more information than normally included. By doing this, the packaging can play a huge role in boosting brand engagement. 


You also can se this kind of packaging to offer a notification to let the customer know when they’re running low on something. You can from there eve automate the replenishment, which does build customer loyalty in order to prevent competition from seeping in when it’s time to refill this. 


It also can be used to tell you when the product is about to expire, which gives customers a chance to avoid waste of the food, by pushing people to use this product. As the technology grows and develops, there may be a chance that smart fridges over time will develop a means to see the customer’s buying habits, and form there they can offer recipes to help the customer have a week’s worth of food, perfect for the meal prep types. 


Finally, this can be used as a security sort of means to help let people know when something has been tampered with. This is good because if there is something wrong with it, and the food is compromised, it plays a major role in how I could be for the customer. By offering a chance for your fridge and whatnot to automate and tell you, or through even just scanning a QR code, you can tell people when something has been messed with, and if the food is safe to eat. So will customers be receptive to this? Possibly. It is a bit invasive, but if there is a way for you to possibly paint this as a means for customers to stay safe and health, then there you go, it can be a wonderful means for you as well. But the test of time and whether or not this will be safe for you to consume is a big part of this, and a lot of people will look into this over time. 

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