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What would be the Colors for Packaging Designs in 2021?

When it comes to the colors theory, it includes art, designs, and color scheme. Also, packaging designs are incomplete without a vibrant or attractive colorful pattern. When you talk about the color theory, you involve everything. It does not mean, you only need some beautiful and technical colors, you also need different designs, sketches, and patterns for eye-catching packaging. Once there was a trend for neon and bright colors for the packing. But now, you do not need shiny patterns to sell your product or attract customers. People now love elegant and simple colors as well. You have seen many big brands who have white, gold, sky blue, silver, and black colors for their packaging. Many companies use one or two colors for their logo and base. Many companies are still using rainbow patterns to attract people. But people also love the combination of one or two colors. Apart from color, you also need attractive styles and designs. Many brands use elegant straight lines on a single side of the packaging. You have seen such patterns in rainbow colors in many other colors from their logos on apparels’ packing. Here are some fundamental concepts, you can use for your packaging in 2021.

  1. 1.    The Combo of Red, Blue, and Green

RGB (red, blue, and green) is a mixing model for colors combination. This is one of the vast used and famous combo of the colors. The RGB is a mixture that has widely used in TVs, screens, computers, mobile phones, and photography. Thus, these are best and popular for the use of electronic devices. Either digital or electronic media, everyone uses this mixture of colors. Apart from electronic, digital, and conventional photography, this theory was famous in human perception. Red, green, and blue, the RGB has originated in light. If you will mix all these colors, you will get a pure white. Now, people design their logos, packaging, and post by keeping the RGB in mind. You cannot get rid of this combo even you make products for ads, Facebook posts, or your website.

2. CYMK Colors

When it comes to the color scheme of packaging, there is no rule or limit. Also, the creative teams build and create their own combination of color patterns. Thus, there is no rule for the colors of the packaging. However, there is another phrase for the color scheme and that is CYMK. It is equally important. The CMYK is a combination of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black, CYMK. These are subtractive and you will get a darker shade in the end. However, these patterns are fully compatible with the printer. You can use this scheme for the printing of your packaging. You get the best dark shades of the packing in the end.

3. The Color Wheel

The color wheel is not an unknown phrase in the packaging world and color schemes. It has three basic shades. We can say it is like RGB Red, Green, and Blue. This hue also has three patterns. Also, it has six tertiary colors in the making procedure. The difference thing in this theory is that it has a common base color. Every color would have that basic color as the foundation. Thus, from that basic shade, you will create a new color for your packaging. However, you can generate as many colors as you want for your packing. Only, you need to keep the primary and basic shade common. You need to pick the foundation color original, else you can make the secondary colors in different shades. You can create many contrast colors and different patterns for the packing.

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