Use the best filling for your shipping department

Now that 2021 is here, we are seeing more growth in eCommerce than ever.  It is now the major way that people buy goods and will soon be the biggest industry.  There are so many reasons why eCommerce is booming and a big part of that is the regulations being put in place by the COVID-19 Pandemic.  It is pretty simple that people who find it hard to be outside or are annoyed with the regulations simply want to shop from home.  This has left so many companies selling online instead of at their storefronts.  So the times are changing and with that, there are some lessons being learned about shipping supplies and the items that are used to get those packages to their customers.  Now if you are not using good products to get your items to people then you could be losing money in strange places. 

The safety of packages and bags is really important.  If you ship something it is going to be sent through a big company that does not care about it.  That means that the item inside that box or bag needs to be safe in transit and this is a big deal.  The cost of actually having a damaged item and shipping it back and a new one out can take out all the profit from the wholesale. This costs a ton of money for companies and it also costs a whole lot of goodwill as well.  No one enjoys getting a bad item in the mail because they have to go through the hassle of returning it.  This leads to questions about how good your customer service team is.  If you have great customer service then you will pay for a call tag and replacement.  The cost of this kills companies all the time, but it can be overcome with the right knowledge.C

Padding is really the answer.  Like a football helmet, you can protect your head and your product with good stuffing.    I like to think that the filling of the packages is just as important as the box or bag itself.  The way items are shipped can be the difference between Christmas bonuses or pink slips.  It sounds dramatic but the money over the long run simply shows and does make a large impact.  That is why I love the fact that there are so many good shipping supplies stores that can get you all the stuff you need to make this work well! 

You can use a ton of different items, but newsprint is pretty cool.  These are basically just paper sheets that you can roll up or fold over any object.  It not only helps to provide padding but also to give a nice old-time look that many people enjoy.  I like to think of it as when you buy glass from a nice shop and they wrap it in newspaper.  It looks good and has a nice fancy feel.

We all know about bubble wrap, but it does take up space.  This is the fun plastic wrapping that we all enjoy popping when packages come in.  The best part of this is the cheap and lightweight protection it provides.  It is not as flexible as newsprint sheets, but it provides more padding for impacts.  Luckily, it is lightweight and is easy to use. 

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