How to protect packages from Theft 

The pandemic did bring a lot of businesses to a stop, and ecommerce is something that’s grown, and a lot of packaging thefts have happened too. This is something that affects stores and customers, since it means refunds, returns, and revenue lost.  You may wonder if there is a way to stop it, such as maybe the fulfillment or the packaging crating damaging goods.  Maybe the customer left this on the porch for a long time. The liability does determine the place that’ll take the fall, so you’ll want to come up with a proper solution for this. 

Why this happens 

This happens for a few reasons. The first, is that the packaging materials don’t’ have enough cushion, which means that the vibrations, shock, and the force that’s external hits the materials. You can create more cushioning to help with this, and also utilize shock absorbent material. 

Another thing is the package is big. A lot of people see big packages as easy targets, and they’re also very easy to damage too. Plus, in order to make it sit right in the truck, or to protect it, you’ve got to use packaging. There is also just bad handling courtesy of the person who is delivering it. The person that handles this is the ones that are possible to risk damage and thefts of packages. You can even make it wrapped with fragile all over it, but these days, they don’t even care, so it does rely on you. 

Plus, with about 20% of people experiencing porch pirates during the dearly days of the pandemic, this is something that happens even more during the holidays. Security, neighborhood watch, doorbell cameras, and home security cameras don’t help a lot.  It’s something as well that it can happen when the package gets delivered. If it happens during the in-transit process, or more damages, you’ll have to figure out a refund or replacement usually. 

How to prevent this 

There are a few ways to prevent this. For the packaging, the first thing is make sure to use the correct kind. Oversized does put it at risk for damage and will drive up your costs. You should also look at the padding that needs to be used. Natural fibers are generally the best for consumables and food, but they get pricey. You should go for plastic or food grade cardboard. 

Make sure not to leave any space that’s empty there. This can damage it, and you’ll spend more just trying to protect it. You should wrap everything in a material that’s protective. Bubble wrap works, but also plastic coverings or packing packer works too. You should look at te damages that happen during shipping, to figure out where you need to improve it too. This also is great for those who suffer from repeated offenses. 

If you haven’t put it in already, use indicators for shock and impact, as this can protect it from heavier damage. You should always make sure to put together the precautions necessary for shipping whenever you can. 

Holding carriers liable. 

You can hold them liable if you can prove that the package was in good condition before you handed this over. they do have some policies that come with this usually. If the package is usually shipped in a right condition, and then damages happen or maybe it gets lost or stolen, you’re allowed to hold them accountable. 

Packaging theft is not fun, and it’s frustrating for businesses. But if you take the time to prevent this, you can stop it from getting worse for those involved. 

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