Good advice for change housing locations

There are a few things that I have learned over the years that I feel everyone should know.  It is all about changing your housing locations.  From a small child to college, to my adult years I have moved probably 20 times.  I know that sounds like a lot and it is.  With all of this moving, I have found a few things that work better than others.  I think moving into a new area or getting the chance to help someone on the next stage of their life is a great boost.  Sometimes people are moving all their possessions and sometimes it is not for a good reason.  Having a helping hand and a should to lean on and help is something that I am always honored to be a part of.  So if this is something you are going to be doing I want to go over my experience with it and maybe help you out on your next move too.

Your attitude makes a difference.  I have moved in bad situations and been positive and it made a difference.  I have also been that guy that did the opposite as well and that was not a good time for anyone.  Moving is filled with stress and random things that can go wrong.  Be in good spirits and even if you are not do your best to lift others up.  It may be a harder time for them than you and it is always nice to have a positive person working on big tasks.  Many people are very sad when they have to order shipping supplies to move all they own.  It can be daunting or simply too emotional for some people to handle. So a calm, helping hand is a wonderful thing to have in this situation.  just be calm and patient because we all deal with emotions differently. 

Now don’t be cheap, save up some lunch money and buy new boxes.  If you are moving or even helping I have found that using old boxes causing injuries and breaks items.   A new heavy-duty moving box is really a surprisingly nice thing to have and can be picked up rather cheap.  I now go to my local shipping supplies store online and get a moving package for myself or any family and friends that are moving.  It comes loaded with boxes, tape, and markers for all different occasions. I find that this really is a great way to help people out even if they don’t think it’s a nice gift.  In the end, they always appreciate the boxes and tape.  Plus no one gets injured due to a flimsy box with too much weight in it shifting. You don’t lose your personal possession to stupid boxes and that is nice.

Get the right vehicle for the job.  If it costs a 100 to rent, then save up for it and budget for it.  Now I always say that you should attempt to find a trailer with a walk-on-ramp.  This is worth renting if you have a vehicle to move it.  The ability to walk furniture and heavy items up a small ramp and not have it go in a truck is amazing.  So much less damage happens usually and people seem to find it so much more simple to move with a trailer. My father-in-law taught me this and I have tried to make sure to have one on each move I have done since. It was great advice.

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